Consequences of global warming.

The greenhouse effect was changed by human beings because it threatened their security. Poor and developing countries are those that suffer directly the impact of environmental degradation.

In this sense, increasingly severe hurricanes and cyclones are taking place in tropical areas and most of them involve poor countries so that their consequences enhance their degree of poverty.

In addition, these areas that suffer from social and economic injustice undergo increasing droughts in places where rainfall diminishes, and floods in those places where rainfall increases.

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A warmer atmosphere could make the ice near the Poles melt. As it has already been said, the resulting water could raise the sea level.. If the sea level rises only 60 cm, Bangladesh’s fertile lands on which thousands of people depend could be flooded.

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Scientists have recently agreed on the fact that “El Niño” is possibly caused by man-induced global warming, unbalancing the planet’s climatic state. As a consequence, in some countries it rains so much that there are floods whereas other countries undergo severe droughts. In addition, extreme temperature changes and atmospheric pressure bring about tornadoes and typhoons.

Human activity’s impact on greenhouse effect and therefore on climate, become a serious concern from the seventies. In this way, the First World Conference on Climate took place in 1979, when climate change was identified as a serious challenge to face.